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Content Creation for Metaverse - AR Campaign
In Just Few Steps

Augmented Reality (AR) Content Management platform
for Creators, Educators, Businesses and Enterprises.

Easiest way to create and deploy AR content for Metaverse - Augmented Reality for NFT Art, marketing campaigns, geo-locations, websites, printed and digital assets.

Easy to use and no technical skills required!

OUR Solutions

Augmented Reality for  Metaverse

AR for Creators

Engage audience through powerful AR campaigns embedded into images, print, emails, online content and geo-locations.

Increase value of your NFT art by adding augmented reality to it.

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AR for Educators

Faculty and students can easily
integrate AR content into projects, augment learning materials and run tech innovation labs.

Learn through immersive experience and become part of Metaverse future!

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AR for Businesses

Leapfrog your marketing to the next level.

Increase sales conversion by engaging your customers into immersive AR content.

Embed AR into sales presentations, product demos and customer support.

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Creators and Educators

AR made easy for everyone

Creators, educators and students can leverage power of easy to use ROAR Augmented Reality Editor to launch immersive AR content in just few steps.

Merge physical and digital reality through the lens of smartphone creating immersive experience for your audience.

Web AR, image scanning, object scanning, spatial AR - create augmented reality - no technical skills required.

Business and Enterprise

Creative AR Technology Partner for Growing Brands

If you want to start Augmented Reality journey but not sure what is possible, ROAR is your answer.

Inexpensive, efficient, easy to use - ROAR allows you to create and deploy AR campaign in minutes.

Simply choose to use ROAR out of the box, integrate ROAR scanner SDK into your existing app or White Label ROAR to your Brand.

Customized AR experiences and projects on demand.

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Are you ready to launch your augmented reality campaign?

With ROAR Augmented Reality, your business can experience innovation and increased conversion in sales


Our Latest News & Updates


On The Future of Brick and Mortar Retail.

by Oksana Sokolovsky

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Best AR Content Management Platform.

On September 1, 2020, ROAR Augmented Reality was named a Winner of Media Innovator Awards.

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ROAR comes to Nashville with AR Murals.

Nashville murals to come to life in augmented reality scavenger hunt.

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Over 70,000+
Creators, Educators and Businesses


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Augmented Reality Content Management Technology

Scale your digital content using ROAR Augmented Reality and engage your consumers in a more immersive way.

Bridge digital and physical world through the lens of your mobile device.

With ROAR Editor, build AR campaigns in just few clicks and publish it across multiple platforms.

Using Data Analytics Dashboard, track your user engagement, drive customer conversion and derive valuable insights for your business.

Collaborate with your team to deploy AR campaigns

ROAR Editor enables team collaboration to deploy augmented reality projects.

Engage your team in creating campaigns.

Collaborate with teams and customers to review, approve and deploy AR content.

"We were very impressed by the possibilities that the ROAR application is offering, giving our students the opportunity to use various tools to create a ROAR. "

Axel Druart
Maître Assistant
Département ISFSC