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ROAR Augmented Reality App is one of the best mobile apps with embedded AR scanner. An app was built using the native technologies such as Objective-C for iOS and Java for Android. These technologies provide huge native performance to ROAR, great user experience and intuitive user interface relevant to all mobile guidelines.

Download ROAR Augmented Reality App today to explore hundreds of different AR experiences in our Gallery and not only.

In addition, you can create your own Augmented Reality experience through our Editor. Then use ROAR App to test, discover and share your AR experience.

Another option that ROAR can provide is building a custom White Label app for you. We can create your own branded Augmented Reality Scanner based on existing features of ROAR scanner or make additional customization for you. Optionally, if you already have an existing app and are looking to integrate the AR scanner into your app, we can implement it.

Feel free to download our scanner to explore ROAR right away!